A California man rescued his dog from a 350 pound bear

A California man protected his dog from a 350 pound bear the day preceding Thanksgiving.

Kaleb Benham was inside his home in Grass Valley, Calif., when he heard a peculiar commotion from outside where his 90-pound pit bull, Buddy, had been playing.

“I heard a snarl, looked around 75–100 feet down, and the bear was hauling him by his head, had his head in his mouth,” Benham told .

“Truly the main thing I could consider was ‘spare my child,'” Benham reviewed.

“I just ran down there, blasted through the bear, handled it and snatched it by the throat and began smacking it in the face and the eye until it let go.”

Benham then expected to discover a veterinarian open on the prior night Thanksgiving. The main vet he attempted was shut, causing Benham to freeze.

“My first idea was that I planned to lose him,” Benham told the station.

Fortunately, Benham found a creature emergency clinic that was open and Buddy was quickly placed into a medical procedure, accepting staples, join and cylinders embedded into his head to deplete liquid.

“I just remained there and viewed through the window for 3 1/2 for quite a long time,” Benham reviewed. The two spent real Thanksgiving in bed, yet Benham is concerned as the bear has been back on the property since the assault.

“It made an assault and had it’s food and it’s food got taken from it and it needs it back, I feel like,” Benham, who safeguarded Buddy from an asylum quite a while prior said.

Yet, on the off chance that it assaults once more, Benham will be prepared, saying: “In the event that it was your child, what might you do. That is my child, I would die for my dog.”

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