A Chinese zoo worker was brutally attacked by a group of bears

A zoo worker was battered to death by a gathering of bears throughout the end of the week in China as guests viewed with sickening apprehension.

The abhorrent episode happened in the “wild monster” show Saturday at Shanghai Wildlife Park, the BBC announced.

Film presented on Chinese online media stage Weibo shows parkgoers shout from inside a visit transport as a gathering of bears run toward and encompass the worker, Australian outlet News announced.

“There’s somebody!” one of the parkgoers yells, while another could be heard asking, “What’s happening?”

Shanghai Wildlife Park said it was “disheartened” by the worker’s demise in an announcement presented on its site.

“Our park is incredibly disheartened by such a misfortune, communicating profound sympathies to the perished, communicating profound compassion to the groups of the expired and saying ‘sorry’ for the bother it caused to vacationers,” the announcement said.

It’s hazy what sort of bears were included or whether they will stay at the untamed life park.

The show has been briefly shut to guests as the recreation center works with neighborhood specialists to explore the occurrence, the zoo said.


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