A classic Upper East Side co-sign on the market for $ 4 million

An exemplary Upper East Side community once claimed by unbelievable artist/entertainer Fred Astaire is presently available for $3.99 million. The dealer is Montreal-conceived inside fashioner Garrow Kedigian, who has added intense serious shine tone to the “exemplary seven” unit at 863 Park Ave.

“I didn’t discover until my community board meet that [Astaire] lived here for around 10 years after World War II,” said Kedigian, in a 2013 House Beautiful Q&A about the redesign and reclamation venture he embraced.

“The proprietors before me, who bought the spot from him, had barely changed a thing. It was a disaster area. We scratched off 32 layers of paint and backdrop.

The mortar had splits you could put a finger in. White shag covering secured the parquet! There was practically none of the first design detail you’d hope to discover in a Beaux Arts Park Avenue building this way — just plain square shafts.”

Kedigian bought the L-molded spread in “home condition” in 2012 for $2.3 million and did an “detailed” makeover, as indicated by Compass, the business firm that holds the posting.

The three-room, three-restroom condo (which has seven fundamental rooms all out, thus the name) is 2,000 square feet and accompanies the structure’s just Juliet overhang. The structure, which dates to 1906, is between East 77th and 78th roads.

There’s as yet a trace of Astaire there, covered up in the midst of the in vogue update.

“On the lounge area banquette, we reused the antiquated velvet that actually hung at these windows when I moved in,” Kedigian disclosed to House Beautiful. “It’s a friendly exchange at gatherings to tell visitors they’re perched on Fred Astaire’s drapes.”

The posting intermediary is David Christopher Salvatore, of Compass.


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