A deputy has been fired for posting a watermelon intended to Vice President-elect Kamala Harris

A Michigan sheriff’s agent has been terminated for posting a “disturbing” photograph of a cut watermelon proposed to portray Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, division authorities said.

The low maintenance Oakland County Sheriff’s Office agent, Sherry Prose, was ended quickly once division authorities scholarly of the disgusting Facebook post, authorities disclosed to The Post in an assertion Thursday.

“We are shocked by this previous worker’s activities and sentence the conduct she decided to participate in,” Undersheriff Michael McCabe said in an assertion. “These kinds of episodes are disturbing and will never be endured or pushed aside at the sheriff’s office. Conduct, for example, this carries stain to the identification and isn’t agent [of] each one of those in law authorization who ensure and serve.”

The post, first announced Monday by WXYZ, highlights a few cut pumpkins intended to portray a few political figures, including President Trump, President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President Mike Pence.

A subsequent photograph, be that as it may, shows Harris as a cut watermelon.

Composition had worked for the organization since 1994, as indicated by a screen capture of her Facebook profile. She was terminated on Oct. 27, four days subsequent to setting up the contemptuous Halloween-themed post, sheriff’s area of expertise sources told media.

A message left for Prose was not promptly returned Thursday, however she demanded to WXYZ that she isn’t an extremist.

“I buckled down in my law authorization vocation and I am glad for the standing I procured in my 30 or more long stretches of administration,” the previous agent told the station in a book. “I am not bigot and never will be.”

Corresponding watermelons to blacks is a relic of the “past” and is “connected to nonsense and to ‘not exactly’,” the Rev. Dr. Wendell Anthony, leader of Detroit’s NAACP branch, told the station.

“I accept that the aim was deliberately organized to reduce and to weaken the criticalness of the main African American … as VP of the United States,” Anthony said. “To certain individuals, obliviousness is joy.”

McCabe said the post had just been eliminated when sheriff’s authorities scholarly of it.

“The worker was ended promptly by us for this post,” his assertion proceeded. “With more than 1,400 representatives, we anticipate that every one of them should have honesty and great virtues. Nonetheless, when they don’t, it is tended to promptly with discipline and additionally end.”

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