A Queens school for children with disabilities: Closed due to corona virus

A Queens school for kids with inabilities turned into the principal city state funded school to close due to Covid Thursday after authorities found at any rate two instances of the malady with no immediate contact between those burdened.

The John F. Kennedy, Jr. school in Elmhurst, which opened last Monday for secondary school understudies with complex handicaps, will stay shut until Oct. 13, as per a letter from the school head.

Civic chairman de Blasio declared the fourteen day conclusion Thursday at a public interview. Across New York City, authorities have announced 133 affirmed instances of the infection among staff and understudies since instructors detailed back to structures Sept. 8.

A few schools have been incidentally closed down while ailment analysts searched for proof of a more extensive episode, however the John F. Kennedy Jr. school closure was the initial fourteen day building conclusion, which happens when Test and Trace Investigators discover at least two cases in a school assembling that aren’t associated.

Approximately 260 understudies and 88 staff will do far off school for the following fourteen days, de Blasio said Thursday.

From that point forward, “Each and every individual who isolated will return right and proceed with the following nine months of the school year,” Hizzoner included.

“That school starting today is closed down for about fourteen days. That is the just a single the whole time that has encountered that,” the civic chairman noted.

The conclusion comes as city center and secondary schools returned Thursday, which could raise to 500,000 understudies back to class across 1,600 government funded schools.

As of Sept. 22, city authorities said in excess of 19,000 instructors had been tried with just 65 discovered positive — a contamination pace of .34%. Authorities are cautiously following COVID-19 spikes in a modest bunch of city postal divisions. On the off chance that the 7-day normal contamination rate — at present at 1.52% — comes to 3%, the entire state funded educational system will close down.

Starting this month, an extent of understudies and staff at each school will get tried to assist authorities with looking for any episodes.


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