A wealth of digital information for analog components

Anyone who uses planetary gearboxes from Neugart can now access relevant digital product information even more easily: A new online service links the physical product directly to the documents and digital functions available for it.

A new online service from Neugart links the physical gearbox directly to the documents and digital functions available for it.

The link between the physical gearbox and the digital world is established via a data matrix code (DMC), a 2D code on the gearbox nameplate. This can be scanned via smartphone or tablet, for example. Alternatively, access is possible via a web portal on the Neugart homepage (www.neugart.com).

This identification, which is as smart as it is reliable, leads immediately and around the clock to the relevant product information and other functions. The user then receives, for example, a clear list of all the versions of the gearbox in question or can download the appropriate operating and mounting instructions.

If customers require a technical adjustment or wish to submit a complaint, they can contact Neugart customer service directly via the connected service request. Furthermore, if a Neugart gearbox shows signs of wear after years of use, an identical replacement gearbox (including express delivery) can be requested conveniently and with just a few clicks via the online service.

Currently, Neugart is converting the newly produced gearboxes to a new nameplate layout with integrated DMC. The online service is starting with the essential functions in the after-sales area and will be successively expanded. For instance, in addition to further product-specific information and documents, new functions are also planned.

Neugart is the family business among gearbox manufacturers. Established in 1928, the company has always been run by its owners, who are now in their fourth generation. Neugart develops, manufactures and markets planetary gearboxes and customised gearboxes to customer specifications. The company employs approximately 700 people worldwide, including around 600 at its historic headquarters in Kippenheim in southern Baden.

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