A winter storm to bring an “unpleasant” mix of snow, rain and wind to NYC

A winter storm to bring an “upsetting” blend of snow, downpour and wind to the Big Apple Sunday evening that could proceed into the next morning, forecasters said.

Snow will start falling in the New York region around 7 p.m. as a storm goes from the southern locale of the country, Accuweather senior meteorologist Todd Kines told.

“It’s making devastation in the South and it’ll keep on making destruction as it makes a beeline for our locale,” Kines said Sunday.

Temperatures will float around underneath freezing when the snow shows up however ascend into the 40s later in the evening, making a snowy blend that could be “upsetting,” Kines said.

“At the point when it initially gets going, it will be dry snow yet clearly with temperatures rising it becomes wet and afterward changes over to rain in the end,” Kines said.

Heavy rains will proceed with for the time being and reasonable will stay close by into Monday morning, he said.

“That will probably cause flooding issues in helpless seepage regions, that sort of stuff,” he said.

In the mean time, wind whirlwinds 40 to 50 mph will likewise lash the area on Monday, he said.

“For those that are going into work tomorrow, it very well may be an unpleasant point with the downpour and the breeze,” he said of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Gov. Kathy Hochul on Sunday additionally asked New Yorkers to remain off the street to try not to get abandoned – a circumstance seen recently in Virginia, where drivers were caught on streets for over 24 hours during a serious winter storm.

“In this way, assuming you need to travel for the time being during the storm, we truly trust you don’t. If it’s not too much trouble, remain at home. In any case, assuming your work expects you to be out or you must be some place, ensure that you are braced even in your own vehicle with food and water and whatever else you might require, including blankets or clothing,” Hochul said.

The Department of Transportation has around 4,000 staff prepared to deal with the storm and 20,000 snowplows have been mobilized, authorities said.

Hochul likewise cautioned of flooding in waterfront areas of Long Island and potential blackouts that could affect region of the state estimated to see heavy winds.

“That is a crisis situation for families, particularly for mothers and fathers with young children,” she said. “I say at this moment, get ready for the most exceedingly awful. Have sufficient food, have an adequate number of batteries in your flashlights.”