‘Aimless Forged documents’; Sends lab owner to jail

The previous proprietor of an Alabama lab has been condemned to 15 years in jail in the wake of confessing to distorting drug tests, making various guardians lose care of their children, as per a report.

“I realize I fouled up,” Brandy Murrah, 37, advised her condemning hearing last Thursday subsequent to conceding to a lawful offense allegation of prevarication just as 16 wrongdoing checks of falsification, as per the media.

“I’ve done a ton of things wrong in my life … I’m upset for anybody I ever stung. I truly didn’t do this purposefully to actually hurt anybody,” she disclosed to Judge William Filmore, while offering no intention in the falsifications.

A portion of the guardians who lost care of their kids due to the false outcomes from Murrah’s A&J Lab Collections in Ozark told the court of the agony Murrah’s untruths caused their families.

“I felt like my heart was being torn out of my chest since I realized I was doing well with this one,” said Grace Locke, whose 3-month-old infant was detracted from her for three weeks in 2017 after her medication test results dishonestly demonstrated that she was good for methamphetamine.

“I don’t comprehend why anyone could actually do that to any family, any youngsters, for reasons unknown,” Locke stated, as per the report.

Jennifer Severs told the court how it took her months to get her children back after the lab asserted she’d utilized medications — despite the fact that a specialist never at any point made a screening, the news network said.

“This is a day by day fight for me on who I can trust,” she allegedly told the court. “This is a day by day fight for my kids.”


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