Alabama man arrested in Capitol rioter was on bond for trafficking marijuana and LSD

An Alabama man who was captured for his part in the rough Capitol revolt a week ago was out on bond for dealing marijuana and LSD when he went to Washington, DC, prosecutors state.

William Watson, 23, had been out on $103,000 bond in a medication dealing case since July, however disregarded the terms when he left Alabama to join the savage mob of President Trump allies who jumped into the US Capitol last Wednesday, News revealed.

Federal law enforcement captured Watson in Auburn on Monday, and an appointed authority denied his bond that very day.

Prosecutors state Watson was found in recordings and photographs inside the Capitol while remaining close to “a man with a horned cap,” as per court reports got by the source.

The “horned cap” reference is a gesture to Jake Angeli, otherwise called the “QAnon Shaman,” who was likewise captured by feds regarding the rambunctious Trump mob.

In excess of 80 individuals have been captured and accused of federal violations for partaking in the destructive uproar that murdered five individuals, including a Capitol cop.

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