Android user – needs to update the application right away

Any Android user who has Microsoft Teams installed on their phone needs to update the application immediately or hazard being not able to call emergency services.

The glitch obviously causes Android phones to “freeze” during an endeavored 911 call.

However the telephone will say it’s attempting to share location with emergency services, the call does not connect, and there’s no indication that any data is shared.

As indicated by Bell, an “unintended association” between Microsoft Teams and the Android operating system renders phones unfit to put active calls to 911.

Outgoing calls to different numbers were finished successfully.

The flaw was at first called attention to by a Google Pixel client who shared their experience on Reddit.

The client named their post, “Pixel prevented me from calling 911.”

In their record of the incident, the user said the Google Pixel “froze” and was lethargic when they called crisis administrations during their grandma’s medical emergency.

Subsequent to dialing 911, the phone was “stuck right away” and the client “couldn’t do anything” on the gadget or complete the call.

The Reddit user had a landline close by, and had the option to get to 911 that way, however repeated the error again on their phone later.

Google responded to the user’s post, saying that the glitch only appeared under “a limited set of circumstances” on “a small number of devices.”

The glitch evidently just happens in phones that have specific renditions of the application, and just when the client isn’t signed in to Teams.

Both Google and Microsoft are reportedly attempting to guarantee the error can’t happen once more.

Updating to the newest version through the Google Play store fixes the dangerous flaw.