AnRKey X Starts Public Beta Test of Their Highly Anticipated DeFi NFT and Esports Game Battle Wave 2323

Singapore, April 30, 2021 – AnRKey X (pronounced Anarchy X), a Blockchain gaming company who combines DeFi (Decentralized Finance), NFTs, and Esports is pleased to announce the launch of their public beta of their new game Battle Wave 2323 on this past April 26.

Battle Wave 2323 is the first game to come from the AnRKey X team who merges a first of its kind DeFi NFT and Esports into a brand new gaming genre they call m$ports which stand for money sports. AnRKey X Just recently launched its official Public Beta Test this past Monday April 26th, 2021 to over 15,500 registered users. This highly anticipated game release blends team based Esports gaming, DeFi yield farming, and APY boosting NFTs into a single hip hop influenced cyberpunk style package; allowing teams of DeFi, NFT and Crypto gaming users to compete against each other to earn the most APY rewards.

How is it different to other DeFi-based games?

For the first time in the decentralized finance crypto industry where yield farming becomes Esports driven while utilizing unique gaming NFT models based on AnRKey X’s proprietary NFT engine. Players are required to strategize together utilizing team channels in Discord, which is fully integrated into the Battle Wave 2323 user interface. By coordinating the APY boosting actions of individual team members utilising both in-game and collectable card APY boosting NFTs, the APY of all pool members is lifted significantly increasing rewards for the entire team in a fun arcade style atmosphere. Combine this with an addictive arcade mini-game to play for additional rewards, and you have yourself a good time. For the first time users can not only enjoy social gaming, but also earn money doing so.

By combining DeFi liquidity mining, APY boosting NFTs and strategic Esports like gaming, this platform looks to set the benchmark for what can be done within the DeFi, NFT and crypto gaming space. What’s more, by creating such a low barrier of entry for both experienced yield farmers and newbies alike, their existing and growing community of over 53,000 which is set to build around the platform could be seriously remarkable to watch grow which is why they are consistently on the radar for leading the trend with NFTs.

More than just highly collectable NFTs

The team over at AnRKey X have been very busy over the last 6 months. You have probably already read about their NFT success on Rarible, where their first 3 collections sold out within minutes, and broke their rarible page each time. What you may not have been aware of however, is that these NFT collectibles actually have a real-world application through AnRKey X’s proprietary Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange, which they call gDEX.

These NFTs represent dynamic characters and stories from the AnRKey X metaverse that are utilized as in-game and collectable game card NFTs on their gDEX platform and first game Battle Wave 2323. The winning team will be the one with the highest APY distribution of their native arcade coin (token), $ANRX. Nine members of the winning team are also rewarded with the most rare and valuable prize winning super APY boosted NFTs of them all, the Golden Chalices.

It’s these elements of team gaming, collaboration, 3 unique and proprietary NFT models within their game and NFT ecosystem and opportunities for massive APY returns which should see this project grow and grow. 

AnRKey X – the team behind Battle Wave 2323

The AnRKey X team has over 60+ years of combined experience across Blockchain, crypto and traditional gaming projects. The project is headed up by J.D. Salbego, a global leader within the DeFi and crypto space; and passionate advocate of the universal appeal of DeFi gaming. Even creating the term m$ports (Money Sports) to identify the new genre and industry of gaming which J.D. and his team have created. 

The message is clear: crypto gaming shouldn’t be boring, complicated, or favour a single type of user. By combining Esports, DeFi yield farming and the gamification of NFTs with APY boosting utility, AnRKey X are setting users up for a truly innovative new way of social gaming entertainment and financial products. 

J.D. Salbego, AnRKey X CEO: “Our goal with Battle Wave 2323 is to create Continual games and NFT drops based not only on game economic derived base values, but also based on story arcs utilizing the main characters in our AnRKey X games universe to create episodic content in the form of interactive games that we will continually release, creates ongoing renewing interest in our brand, with new stories and NFTs released frequently and new games coming out each quarter.”

How to get involved?

It’s safe to say that there has been significant interest in Battle Wave 2323. AnRKey X has seen over 15,500 users sign up for the public beta test which kicked off this past Monday April 26th, 2021 12:00pm UTC.


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