AntiMatter Perpetrual Options Launches on ETH, Arbitrum, AVAX, Terra, BSC, & More

AntiMatter, a next generation decentralized financial (DeFi) derivative platform, has announced that its Mainnet launch on 8 October on multiple blockchains including ETH, Arbitrum (ETH L2), AVAX, BSC with more to come including Terra (LUNA) and NEAR (via Aurora). 

AntiMatter is the first non-oracle DeFi derivative trading platform. Users are able to generate their own auto-self-pricing derivative products, such as a personalized option contract, each on a Non-Fungible-Token (NFT) on Antimatter. Without the need to rely on decentralized oracle services, AntiMatter’s auto-self-pricing derivative protocol is set to unleash the full potential of the derivative markets on DeFi. 

Current Challenges and Antimatter’s Solution

Antimatter is positioned to be the gateway for defi derivatives and financial NFTs, and includes two products, namely Non-oracle Perpetual Options and Financial NFTs. 

Decentralized Perpetual Options platforms currently accessible on the market are more complex than their centralized peers. A DeFi platform where non-experienced users can execute their long and short strategies is non-existent, thus hindering the mass adoption and decentralization of derivative services. Meanwhile, the lag of price synchronization with oracles has been a long-lasting challenge faced by DEX derivatives, costing users plenty of opportunities while causing huge losses. 

To tackle the current problems, the first product of Antimatter was designed as a Uniswap for options and derivatives with ease-of-use and improved user experience, as well as an innovative way that abandons the use of oracles to secure the system and maintain systematic independence. Instead, arbitrage activities act as “oracles” in Antimatter to make sure the price of call and put tokens follow the trend of market price movement. 

The second piece is Antimatter Financial NFT. Many discussions in the NFT space have been revolving around fine arts and music, making us nearly look over the bigger, even more exciting use cases of this technology: financial NFTs. Antimatter turns NFTs into vehicles and containers of assets to store them with different locking and releasing mechanisms, as well as to facilitate various financial activities.


The AntiMatter team understands the importance of simplicity in the derivative market especially in DeFi, which is why AntiMatter’s interface is simple and its products have no funding fees, liquidation, nor time period constraint. The two founders Jack Lu and Robert Hu have extensive experience in DeFi. Jack Lu invented and founded the first decentralized auction platform Bounce Finance. Robert Hu is a full stack developer who built and Helmet Insurance. 


AntiMatter’s auto-self-pricing model development started back in March 2021. By July, they were able to launch a V2 testnet of perpetual option products as well as NFT financial products. They have also passed the audit by PeekShield and launched tradable index NFTs in August. The October 8 mainnet launch includes the following products:

  1. ETH/USDT perpetual options on Arbitrum and Ethereum mainnet;
  2. BNB/BUSD perpetual options on BSC mainnet; &
  3. AVAX/USDT perpetual options on Avalanche mainnet.

The team will then focus on onboarding DeFi projects with hedging needs and engaging with other DeFi protocols such as lending and borrowing; further upgrading the protocol model and more deployment to other chains such as Solana, Polkadot and so on; implementing the utilities of the $MATTER token including non-inflationary staking and DAO management.

Media Contact: Julia Katlyn,