anyone who challenges including Ivanka Trump would be in for “a tough race”,Marco Rubio says

Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio said on Sunday that any individual who challenges him in the 2022 primary — including Ivanka Trump — would be in for “an extreme race.”

“In case you will run for the Florida Senate, in case you will run in the province of Florida, you will have an intense race,” Rubio said on News when gotten some information about the chance of a test, explicitly from previous President Trump’s daughter.

“Counting a primary,” he said of challengers.

Host Chris Wallace raised the possibility of the test in 2022, saying “there has been discussion … about the likelihood that Ivanka Trump may run against you in a Republican primary in Florida.”

Politico recently cited a GOP store raiser in contact with then-President Trump saying her better half, New York City real-estate scion Jared Kushner, is working “to advance his significant other’s political vocation.

In the interim, prior in Rubio’s Sunday meet, the Sunshine State congressperson said he is against a Senate impeachment preliminary for previous President Trump.

“The main possibility I will vote to end this preliminary, I’ll do it,” Rubio said.