Arnold Schwarzenegger shocks fans with updates on second heart surgery

Arnold Schwarzenegger may not be an terminator, yet he’s unmistakably an iron man.

The relentless previous legislative leader of California astonished fans Friday with the declaration that he had another aortic valve placed in as of late, behind his aspiratory valve that was supplanted two years prior.

Schwarzenegger, 73, had the methodology done at the Cleveland Clinic, and posted updates from his emergency clinic bed as well as from the roads of The Cle, praising the city’s “astonishing sculptures.”

Schwarzenegger took somewhat longer to recoup from his March 2018 medical procedure, which supplanted a pulmonic valve initially introduced in 1997 to address an inherent deformity. Fourteen days after the technique, he refreshed fans that he was feeling much improved, yet “not extraordinary yet.”

Feel better soon, Arnold; there’s most likely another portion of the “Terminator” establishment being greenlit some place.


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