Atari is dispatching a digital currency alongside its new gaming console

Atari isn’t simply getting back in the reassure game following twenty years uninvolved — it’s hopping heedlessly into cryptographic money, as well.

The retro gaming monster is presenting a computerized money called Atari Token, which clients will have the option to use to purchase games on its new Atari VCS gaming framework.

The tokens will sell for 25 pennies a pop starting Oct. 29 on the Exchange, Bloomberg reports, and Atari will sell 4 million of them. In spite of the fact that they will at first just be utilized to purchase games and for in-game buys on its comfort, the expectation is that the symbolic will in the long run be utilized all through gaming.

The VCS, which was first reported in 2017, will be delivered the very month as Sony’s new PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. In any case, regardless of the top-level rivalry, CEO Frederic Chesnais said Atari will have the option to make a sprinkle.

“We have a brand, we have an after — we think we will get some consideration regardless,” Chesnais told Bloomberg.

The support will be offered as a feature of a pack that incorporates 100 exemplary games, just as two regulators, for $390.

The VCS has a retro look and feel, will run on a Linux-based working framework and guarantees “a full PC experience for the TV” that can deal with streaming, applications, online media, web perusing and music, Atari said.


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