Australian Agency, Amplifyou Takes On The World Stage With Their Latest Walmart Automation Service Announcement

Harley Cannard and Cory Hill, founders of Amplifyou, a leading Australian and US based digital advertising agency have seen their business through a recent expansion that has enabled them to further disrupt the eCommerce industry. One of their latest product offerings comes in the form of a Walmart Automation Service, which is already earning millions for their clients.

Making a big name for yourself on a digital platform is now a reality thanks to visionary work of Cannard and Hill. While 2020 has seen many businesses suffer from setbacks, the obligation of people around the world staying home has highlighted the need to rethink how we do business. Amplfyou’s effective results-driven approach is exactly what is needed. It pushes through the market and presents the little man with the same opportunity as the large businesses out there.

The difference they bring to the table comes down to their dedicated internal team. While Walmart automation services aren’t new, Amplifyou’s approach is. “We have our own offices, own full-time employees, who are ecommerce specialists and more. We pride ourselves on communication and delivering exceptional customer service that is personalised,” says co-founder Harley Cannard.

Most other Walmart automation provides currently outsource their work to Bangladesh or the Philippines. Clients are essentially left paying the middleman for an inferior service that they had the ability to seek out themselves for a fraction of the cost.

With an internal team of 33 people and growing, Amplifyou have no third-party contracts in place. Their team is based in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Asia, each bringing their own strengths to the business to help it succeed. This is what is setting them apart in the industry and helping them take it by storm.

What is it about Walmart Automation that lends itself to a six-figure income? With more than 11,500 stores in over 25 countries, the reach is huge. You can sell proprietary, white-label and a variety of dropship products through a model that empowers you to rapidly and drastically increase sales and profit. The flexible business model requires no shipping or inventory management.

Amplifyou’s team both plans and implements a system that is profitable for both them and their client. It’s a mutual relationship that benefits both parties involved. Better yet, they offer it for a fraction of the price of their competitors. “You not only pay less for us with our Walmart Automation Service, but you get a higher quality service without outsourcing.” Starting at just $5,000 their complete package includes everything from implementation and extends to inventory management, SEO and marketing. 

Amplifyou’s Walmart Automation Services goes above and beyond to generate results. It’s an A-Z service that uses proprietary software to hunt down trending, in-demand products. The chosen product is sourced from a trusted supplier. From here, they launch, scale and optimise their client’s Walmart store, handling all of the customer service and providing detailed reporting of trackable revenue and finances. Both internal and external KPIs are set and continually monitored through business planning meetings, to ensure maximum return on investment. 

Amplifyou has no plans to slow down anytime soon. So far they have helped more than 200 international businesses launch and grow their eCommerce business back by their expert team.

About Amplifyou:

An agency focused on one thing: helping business owners and entrepreneurs from around the world with explosive growth to succeed and scale through the latest tested and proven digital marketing systems.

If you need a proven automated sales generating system to grow your business, they are here to help support the implementation of these structures. This allows you to relax while they scale and grow your profit and ROI.

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