Austrian village have voted to change its name

The inhabitants of a minuscule Austrian town named F–king have casted a ballot to change its name after suffering undesirable consideration from English-speaking travelers.

Come one year from now, the town of 100 occupants close to the German fringe will be named Fugging.

“I can confirm that the town is being renamed,” Andrea Holzner, the civic chairman of Tarsdorf, the region where the town is found, told .

“I truly don’t have any desire to state much else — we’ve had enough media frenzy about this before,” she said.

English-speaking travelers have progressively flocked to F–king for a photograph operation close to a passage sign bearing the town’s name.

Some even catch themselves striking indecent stances in front of the marker for web-based media.

Signs have additionally supposedly been taken, inciting specialists to put in new ones with cement to deter thefts.

A guide from 1825 bore the town name of F–cking. Yet, a few specialists accept the name goes back to the eleventh century.

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