Beaches in Corsica closed after unusually aggressive cows started hurting tourists

Beaches in Corsica were shut for the current week after curiously aggressive cows began gutting tourists.

The French-owned Mediterranean island has more than 15,000 cows who have become curiously unshakable following an extended time of lockdown. Tourists getting back to the island’s acclaimed beaches are currently battling about their spots of sand with the cow-like crowd.

One man was shipped off hospital subsequent to being gutted in the neck on a sea shore in Lotu, another crowd of cows pursued tourists down a famous road, and in the mountain town of Lozzi, a 70-year-elderly person was traveled to hospital with a “serious leg twisted” in the wake of being assaulted while hanging out her laundry, as indicated by the news.

“The woman was injured two centimeters from the femoral corridor,” Lozzi mayor Francois Acquaviva told neighborhood paper Corse. “On the off chance that this goes on, there will be passings.”

In the southern piece of the island close to Ajaccio, beaches were shut after hordes of dairy cattle were discovered harming cars, private property and rampaging through picnics.

“Tourists snicker at this as old stories and take pictures, however it’s a genuine bug,” a neighborhood councilor told the paper, and one creature salvage official cautioned: “When you see that [the cows] are going a specific way, it is ideal to give them need.”