Biden gave the Russian leader a pair of aviator sunglasses symbolic gift

President Biden was tossing shades at Vladimir Putin away from plain view on Wednesday.

The president gifted his Russian partner with a couple of custom aviator sunglasses during a profoundly expected one-day culmination in Geneva, as indicated by a White House official.

Biden, known as a major devotee of the style embellishment, gave the Russian chief a couple as a symbolic gift.

The shades were made by Massachusetts-based Randolph USA, which has given them to the US military and its NATO accomplices.

Biden likewise gave Putin a precious stone figure of an American Bison by Steuben Glass of New York, on an engraved cherry wood base.

World leaders share gifts with one another during culminations as an indication of joint effort – however there’s no word from the Kremlin what gifts Putin may have given Biden.

Biden’s affection for aviators is very much reported and he accepted all penalties for leaving his shades on when he as of late met with Queen Elizabeth of England, disregarding acknowledged royal protocol.