Biden will convene the National Security Council amid Russian invasion of Ukraine

President Joe Biden will convene the National Security Council on Sunday in the midst of taking off global pressures over the normal Russian intrusion of Ukraine, the White House reported.

The meeting will occur one day after Russian leader Vladimir Putin administered rocket drills in a clear showcase of military could as viciousness was accounted for in Ukraine areas heavily influenced by favorable to Moscow separatists.

“President Biden keeps on observing the advancing circumstance in Ukraine, and is being refreshed routinely about occasions on the ground by his public safety group,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said in a proclamation.

“They reaffirmed that Russia could send off an assault against Ukraine whenever.”

Psaki said that the president got a report on Saturday evening about Vice President Kamala Harris’ meetings at the Munich Security Conference, with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and other European leaders.

In a speech in Munich, Harris guaranteed “critical and uncommon economic costs” for Russia if “further attacks” Ukraine. Russia keeps on denying it is intending to attack, in spite of storing up an announced 150,000 soldiers along the line with Ukraine.

Zelenskyy tweeted Saturday that he had an “urgent discussion” with French President Emmanuel Macron where he revealed “irritation on the forefront” and the shelling that killed two Ukraine fighters and others in the Donetsk area.

“Discussed the need and possible ways of immediate de-escalation & political-diplomatic settlement,” Zelenskyy wrote.