LOS ANGELES, CA: Over 4,000 real estate agents have already joined BidMyListing, the only online platform where homeowners get paid upfront for the exclusive listing of their property. The platform, which launched today, will change the way homeowners engage real estate agents forever – its groundbreaking improvements to the process of buying and selling houses benefits both homeowners and real estate agents.

“ revolutionizes the real estate industry,” said company Founder and CEO Matt Proman. “Our online auction allows real estate agents to redirect their lead-marketing budgets to actually purchase a listing that they are confident they can sell. Meanwhile, homeowners get the benefit of vetting potential real estate agents before signing an agreement, so they don’t get stuck with their house sitting on the market for months on end – and that’s just the beginning.” Over 31 million people in the US moved in 2020, a trend that is expected to continue as more millennials and Gen Zers are ready to become first-time home buyers. This boom in demand and a lack of inventory, compounded by last spring’s halt in the construction of new homes, has created a seller’s market, and real estate agents are more competitive than ever. “Vying for listings is almost a blood sport.” Proman comments, “ eases the stress and uncertainty in the process of selling a home.”

Disrupting the traditional process of engaging a real estate agent,’s secure online auction system allows homeowners to post their properties to be bid upon by thousands of licensed and reputable real estate agents. Homeowners avoid being overwhelmed by calls from real estate agents, searching through countless online profiles, and/or depending on a neighbor’s recommendation to find the right real estate agent. Instead, they can select from qualified, motivated real estate agents, who will actually pay them for their listing. The customer experience is quick and straightforward – it takes only a few minutes to list a property. The homeowner can review bids, which detail the personal information and experience of each agent, the commission percentage desired, and contract terms proposed – including marketing strategies and time to complete a sale. Proman states, “Look, homeowners will have the utmost confidence in their choice – an agent who puts their money where their mouth is, is motivated to sell the home because they’ve got skin in the game, too. It’s a no-lose proposition for someone who wants to sell their home.”

Simultaneously, allows real estate agents to skip the expensive marketing tactics typically used to generate leads. enables them to aggressively bid on the listings that fit their criteria, refine their portfolio of properties, and fast-track sales. “We are confident that real estate agents who allocate a portion of their marketing budget to will get a far bigger bang for the marketing buck,” Proman notes. “Plus, subscribing to levels the playing field for real estate agents who face major challenges obtaining listings, especially those who are new to the field.” Push notifications alert real estate agents to new listings in real-time, so they never miss a chance to bid on a perfect match. It is easy for real estate agents to bid on an unlimited number of listings through a simple monthly subscription – no contract required. Right now, real estate agents can submit a bid on their first listing for free.

Proprietary technology keeps the personal information of both homeowners and real estate agents secure, and the online format of eliminates the need for almost all face-to-face meetings for COVID-19 safety. Proman asserts that this will remain a major concern for homeowners and real estate agents alike. “When the shutdowns started, the real estate industry shifted to the internet in a huge way. Even though live showings resumed, people are still cautious about interacting with others and will be for a while. Working through offers a truly safe alternative in engaging a real estate agent.” is currently available for sellers and real estate agents in Southern California, with imminent expansion into more states planned. For more information and a two-minute demo video, visit is an online platform where homeowners offer their listings for sale through a bidding process, allowing motivated real estate agents to pay upfront for the opportunity to exclusively list the home. creates a win-win environment. Real estate agents have the ability to shift their marketing money, normally spent on unguaranteed leads, to now purchasing listings from motivated sellers, while homeowners now have a personally invested real estate agent. Additionally, homeowners are not required to select the highest bidder, allowing them to be in complete control of their home selling process. does not charge or share in the commissions of the actual sale of the home. 

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