Billboard Music Awards with no celebration during this covid

Almost seven months after its expected date — and in excess of 250 miles from its unique scene — the 2020 Billboard Music Awards showed up at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles Wednesday night for a private, praise less, exceptionally surprising yet jolting gathering.

“An odd time for everyone,” noted vocalist lyricist Post Malone, when he acknowledged the honor for top male craftsman.

“It’s so unusual to see no one in the crowd here,” he included.

Malone was the huge victor, bringing home nine prizes.

Facilitated for the third continuous year by Kelly Clarkson, the pandemic-period festivity of the matter of music brought the stars, the glitz, the hits — and even the Cher — to a big name stuffed stage and a vacant house.

Clarkson, a Grammy Award-winning performer and Emmy Award-winning moderator, kicked things off with a show-halting execution of Whitney Houston’s 1990 hit “Higher Love,” which hit No. 1 on Billboard’s move club tunes outlines a year ago as an adjust by Norwegian DJ and maker Kygo.

Clarkson was joined by double cross Billboard Award chosen people Pentatonix and the sovereign of percussion Sheila E on the melody that was initially a hit for Steve Winwood in 1986.

First-time victor Billie Eilish won the night’s first prize, top Billboard 200 collection. The 18-year-old hotshot beat out individual candidates Drake, Khalid, Malone, and Taylor Swift.

“Gracious, gosh. Gracious, this is hefty,” she stated, making that big appearance wearing a face cover.

Nicole Richie, who gave Eilish the renowned honor, couldn’t shroud that she’s a major fan: “My top pick,” Richie proclaimed when perusing the envelope.

“I needed to state, thank you to the fans, thank you for putting stock in me and thinking about me still, I don’t have the foggiest idea why you do,” said an enthusiastic Eilish.

“I likewise need to state that I never under any circumstance underestimate these. It is consistently a stun when I win anything by any means. Much obliged to you, Billboard. Much obliged to you, folks. I love you, thank you, thank you, bless your heart.”

“Great as Hell” artist Lizzo utilized her discourse — and outfit — to ask individuals to cast a ballot.

The 32-year-old scored 11 selections and won the Billboard Music Award for top selling melody.

“At the point when individuals attempt to smother something, it’s normally in light of the fact that that thing holds power. They’re apprehensive about your capacity,” she stated, wearing a dress with “VOTE” composed on top of it.

“There’s capacity in what your identity is, there’s capacity in your voice, so whether it’s through music, fight or your entitlement to cast a ballot, utilize your capacity, utilize your voice and decline to be smothered,” she said.

Another incredible second was conveyed by vocalist John Legend, whose passionate exhibition of “Never Break” was committed to his better half, Chrissy Teigen, only weeks after she reported she had endured a premature delivery.

“John, that was so excellent,” Clarkson said. “All my adoration to you and Chrissy.”


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