Blasio claimed that Gov. Cuomo’s budget proposal would cut nearly $500 million funding from city’s public hospital system

Mayor Bill de Blasio asserted that Gov. Cuomo’s budget proposal would cut almost $500 million in subsidizing from the city’s public hospital system, conceivably driving City Hall to cut 900 specialists and attendants and close 19 centers amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Those centers serve 140,000 New Yorkers, predominately in lower-pay and minority areas, de Blasio told legislators during his yearly declaration on the state’s spending plans.

“We see perilous cuts,” Hizzoner said.

“It would mean longer sit tight occasions for patients,” he added. “We can’t allow that to occur.”

The state cuts would slice $139 million in state subsidizing from the current 2021 budget and afterward another $334 million from the forthcoming 2022 spending plan, de Blasio said.

Hizzoner offered the comments during his yearly declaration under the watchful eye of state legislators about the effect of Cuomo’s proposed $193 billion budget on the Big Apple.

Cuomo is endeavoring to close a budget setback that he says measures $15 billion more than two years.

De Blasio faces his own shortages at City Hall, which his administration gauges surpass $4 billion of every 2023.

A budget representative for Cuomo blamed de Blasio for “singling out decreases without taking a gander at the general picture” and asserted that a critical wellspring of H&H’s financing — from Medicaid — would develop.