Blockchain Play-to-Earn Company Aspo World Announces Upcoming INO for Exclusive NFTs

Popular Vietnamese gaming company ASPO World has announced an upcoming INO on GameFi on December 1 to sell premium NFTs to collectors worldwide. The whitelist for the INO will open earlier on November 22. 

ASPO World has gained significant traction since launching its IGO on November 14th, consistently being ranked one of the top performing gaming launches in November. The tactics-based game will allow people to interact with each other in the virtual world they create. Soon, the company will release a P2Earn demo on Binance Smart Chain to highlight some of the game’s functionality and earning potential for users.

ASPO World’s upcoming INO is important as it is one of the first NFT drops on GameFi, the leading gaming launchpad in Southeast Asia and the first official NFT release for the company. Together with GameFi, ASPO World has been one of the premier gaming projects out of Vietnam, a country that is quickly becoming an important, if not the most important, market for blockchain gaming. 

ASPO World’s Founder and Project Manager Hguyen Ha Minh Thong says, “We have seen enormous support from our community since launching, with thousands of new people joining and aligning with our vision. Our upcoming INO will be a great way for ASPO World fans to own a piece of history and get in on the ground floor of what we are building.”  

Regarding ASPO World’s gameplay, players joining ASPO World are required to choose one of the three classes ASPO has designed (Fighter, Hunter and Witch) as their main character along with four other companions (spirits) to form a strong team in the arena. By engaging in the battles and activities, players can claim NFTs that can be traded on the game’s Marketplace. 

Players in ASPO World do not individually go on the journey on their own but with other companions with a Guild soon launching. In the future, tournaments will be available for the whole community, creating a truly interactive gaming experience. 

More information will soon be released about the upcoming INO. 

About ASPO World

ASPO is expected as a game universe backed by a strong and talented Vietnamese team with the hope of turning P2E games into the future of digital assets. ASPO is currently developing its very first project called ASPO World, a tactics-based game allowing people to interact with one another in the virtual world we create.

ASPO World was incubated by Icetea Labs and has recently closed $2 million in funding from notable VCs. These include Icetea Labs, Hashed, Raptor,, DaoMaker, Everse Capital, CoinCu Ventures and more than 20 other partners. 




Media Contact: Nguyen Ha Minh Thong,