Blockchain scalability issue is not an issue anymore: Scaleswap hit the new scalability level on Polygon

Scaleswap, the layer 2 IDO launchpad built on Polygon, reached one of the highest throughputs on Polygon network at over 2000 transactions per second. That  was announced at the live AMA session by Scaleswap and Polygon this Monday. 

While preparing for its public launch that is scheduled on this Wednesday, July 21st at 10:30 UTC, Scaleswap development team worked on scaling and hardening their infrastructure together with the meta transaction provider Biconomy, and as a result of a joint effort they were able to scale their throughput by 67x and the performed overall load test was temporarily using more than 90% of the total Polygon transaction volume during several minutes.

As the co-founder and CEO at Scaleswap Ralf Gerteis mentioned, “This was the last missing piece of the puzzle… As a reference, Uniswap V3, also on layer 2 (Optimism) is launching its Alpha version with a limit of 0.6 transactions per second (different type of business, but nevertheless an indicator). We’re proud to reach this scalability milestone, but even this is not the limit and we will continue R&D efforts to scale the blockchain infrastructure for the benefits of the whole community”. 

Arjun Kalsy, the VP of Growth at Polygon Network (previously Matic) confirmed that: “Scaleswap team definitely did a great job in creating value on their platform which attracted a large number of users. We tested our network as a part of the reddit scaling challenge and feel confident that as the number of users of our network and the number of dapps on Polygon increases, we will be able to manage the demand and continue to offer high performance !