Briona Taylor’s family is requesting the appointment of a new Special Prosecutor

Breonna Taylor’s family and their lawyer have asked Kentucky Gov. Andy Bashear for another extraordinary examiner and great jury, a day after chronicles of declaration in the primary hearing were delivered.

The letter, posted on social equality lawyer Ben Crump’s firm page, additionally serves as an appeal, mentioning marks of those on the side of the solicitation. By 9 p.m. Sunday, the letter had collected almost 8,000.

“It’s an attack against equity that after Louisville cops unlawfully broke into Breonna Taylor’s condo and lethally shot her multiple times, just one official deals with minor indictments, and for the projectiles that didn’t hit Ms. Taylor,” the letter expressed.

The excellent jury declined to give murder accusations in the slaughtering of the 26-year-old EMT and yearning medical caretaker, who police shot to death while executing a no-thump warrant back in March. The main criminal allegations were laid against now-previous Louisville Metro Police official Brett Hankison, for wanton danger after he terminated into the neighboring white family’s loft.

Taylor and her beau, 27-year-old Kenneth Walker, were falling asleep while viewing a film when police burst in looking for Taylor’s ex, who didn’t live there and was at that point in care. They affirmed that they had declared themselves as police, yet Walker said he didn’t hear anything of the sort. Taylor passed on at the scene.

Following a three-day hearing, a fantastic jury on Sept. 23 restored no criminal accusations identified with Taylor’s passing, and fights ejected by and by the country over requesting greater responsibility.

A week ago, one of the members of the jury sued to get the declaration disclosed and, on Saturday, 15 hours of chronicles were delivered.

The family said that state Attorney General Daniel Cameron “didn’t fill in as a fair-minded examiner for this situation and deliberately didn’t present charges to the terrific jury that would have sought after equity for Ms. Taylor.”


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