British health official cautioned, county may impose restrictive COVID-19 precautions before Christmas

A top British health official forewarned that the nation might force prohibitive COVID-19 precautions before Christmas, even as the nation’s head of the state vowed not to establish a lockdown.

During an appearance on the media Sunday, Health Secretary Sajid Javid advised there are “no guarantees” in the midst of “uncertainty” of keeping away from inescapable insurances when inquired as to whether he would preclude a pre-Christmas “circuit breaker.”

“There are no assurances in this pandemic,” he said on the Show.” “Now, we simply need to keep everything under review.”

“We are evaluating the circumstance, it’s exceptionally quick. We’ve seen with Omicron there’s a ton that we actually don’t be aware of Omicron,” Javid added. “That is the reality of the situation. The reality is there’s a lot of uncertainty.”

Javid said on the show that the Omicron variant represents around 80% of Covid diseases in London and 60 percent of infections in London.

As indicated by latest government figures refered to by the Guardian, 90,418 COVID-19 cases were accounted for Saturday in the UK, and 125 deaths inside four weeks of a positive Covid test.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised not to shut the country down just yet. But The Sun previously reported that plans are being prepared for a two-week, post-Christmas lockdown, allowing people to enjoy the holiday before bunkering down.

Mask and vaccine commands have as of now been forced in the country.

Javid’s admonition comes later on Saturday dissenters showing against COVID-19 limitations and vaccine commands left a few cops harmed in London.

It likewise comes later Prime Minister Johnson last week cautioned of a “tidal wave” of new COVID-19 variant infections as he announced the country’s first Omicron death.