British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in danger of lose his own seat

LONDON – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is on course to lose his own seat and neither one nor the other primary ideological groups is probably going to win a through and through dominant part at the following general election, not due until 2024, as indicated by another survey.

This is the main definite review of the public’s view of Johnson’s treatment of the as of late closed Brexit talks and the COVID-19 pandemic after he turned around plans to permit families to get together at Christmas in pieces of southern England to battle the spread of the virus.

In excess of 22,000 individuals were overviewed in a firmly watched survey electorate by-supporters survey over a four-week time span in December, which was led by the research data company Focaldata and distributed by the media.

The supposed staggered relapse and post-separation (MRP) survey found the decision Conservatives would lose 81 seats, clearing out the 80-seat lion’s share. This would leave the Conservatives with 284 seats, while the resistance Labor Party would win 282 seats, the survey appeared.

The Scottish National Party, which needs to split away from the remainder of the United Kingdom, is anticipated to win 57 of the 59 seats in Scotland, which means the party might assume a kingmaker job in framing the following government.

The executive is in danger to lose his own seat of Uxbridge, west of London, the survey found.

Johnson won a resonating election triumph a year ago that permitted him to remove Britain from the European Union’s circle on New Year’s Eve after practically 50 years of close ties.

However, Johnson’s prevalence may progressively be characterized by the public authority’s reaction to the coronavirus pandemic, which has just slaughtered in excess of 74,000 individuals and squashed the economy.

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