British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will fly to Ukraine and hold crisis talks with Russian leader Putin

English Prime Minister Boris Johnson will travel to Ukraine one week from now and hold crisis talks by telephone with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, his office said.

As of late Putin has amassed a power of in excess of 100,000 soldiers at the line and regional tensions have escalated sharply.

“The top state not entirely set in stone to speed up discretionary endeavors and increase prevention to stay away from slaughter in Europe,” a rep for Johnson told. “He will emphasize the requirement for Russia to venture back and connect carefully when he addresses president Putin this week.”

Russia has requested that Ukraine not be permitted to join NATO. The Cold War time US-drove military alliance presently incorporates a number of nations that were once dominated by Russia.

Johnson said the UK could convey troops to NATO countries in eastern Europe in case of a Russian intrusion of Ukraine. Denmark and Spain have as of now sent military hardware.

On Friday President Biden reported that a little unforeseen of US troops would be sent to eastern Europe and 8,500 soldiers have been placed on increased caution for the gig. He precluded any chance of deployment inside Ukraine, yet the US has been sending deadly military guide to the country with expectations of preventing an invasion.

In a question and answer session Friday, Gen. Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, cautioned that a Russian intrusion of Ukraine would bring “horrific” and “terrible” consequences.

“Assuming that was released on Ukraine, it would be huge, exceptionally critical, and it would bring about a lot of losses,” Milley said, the news revealed.