Bronx father who protected children in business shootout loses his jobs

The gallant Bronx father who was injured as he protected his three little kids from gunfire at a Bronx vehicle sales center this week lost his positions in view of the injury, as indicated by a gathering pledges page dispatched by a companion.

Anthony Jefferson, 39, visited the trade-in vehicle business on Boston Road in Eastchester around 7:30 p.m. Monday to search for a vehicle to amaze the mother of his children, Danica Jefferson, on her forthcoming birthday.

Rather than leaving with a vehicle, Jefferson wound up amidst a shootout — and was shot himself as he secured his kids with his body to shield them from the projectiles.

“Because of his physical issue, Anthony lost his employment and must have medical procedure to eliminate the projectile,” Serena Wingate, a dear companion of Jefferson, posted on a GoFundMe page. “This Go Fund me is to assist this courageous father with his doctor’s visit expenses and his children with treatment. They are past damaged.”

Anthony lost both of his positions — one as a head painter at an upkeep organization and another as a development laborer, Danica Jefferson told TMZ, declining to name the organizations.


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