Bruna Rubio on Overcoming Trauma – What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

Born in Madrid, Spain, Bruna Rubio has had a successful career as an actress, starring in various ads, movies, and telenovelas from the young age of three. Now, she has discovered a new-found passion for production and screenplay, at which she is equally brilliant. However, life has not rainbows and unicorns for Bruna. She has had more than her fair share of struggles as well.

When Bruna was 17 years old, barely an adult, and still learning to navigate the world, she lost her mother in a tragic car accident. This was an extremely hard time for young Bruna. She had lost her best friend, number one fan and supporter in life. Bruna’s mother always had big dreams for her and had shown her constant love and support. Bruna was able to overcome this tragedy and began a new chapter in her life by moving to the United States. She wanted to honor her mother by continuing to pursue her career in film in the US.

Life wasn’t done with her just yet, though. 

A few years later, when Bruna was 25 years old, she faced yet another tragedy— she lost her father. Her father had never really gotten over the death of his wife and had fallen severely sick. Bruna had to leave everything in the U.S. and go back to Spain to be with her father. Unfortunately, he passed away, leaving Bruna devastated once again. 

As heartbroken as she was, Bruna did not let this bring her down or stop her from pursuing her dreams. She found herself even more motivated and took on the mantle for her parents’ dreams. Her father had been in film production and a part of her wanted to honor his memory it this industry. She moved back to the U.S. and moved into production, which she discovered she loved and made her feel closer to her late father. 

But life was not done testing Bruna Rubio.

More recently, in April 2019, Bruna lost the father of her children in a terrible incident. Bruna and the children’s father had separated and shared custody of the children, taking turns to be with them.  Even though it was the children’s father’s turn, Bruna requested and had the children stay with her as they went on a vacation. 

Sadly, there was a home invasion at the father’s house, where the intruders murdered him and other people in the house. When Bruna found out, she was devastated. More so for her children, as she knew what it was like to lose a father. 

This was, again, a low point in Bruna’s life. She had to deal with not only the loss but also the case proceedings and the detectives. Most importantly, though, she had to be there for her children. 

However, as always, Bruna powered through the trauma and came out stronger than ever. She passionately believes in staying positive, finding happiness, and moving forward in the journey that is life. 

Bruna has had a lot tragedy and hardship her life, but she never let these devastating events shape destroy her dreams or passion for life. Instead she has used them to motivate herself and realize how valuable life is. She understands that no one knows what the future may hold, and it is important to focus on the important things, fearlessly chasing her passion in the film industry and being a loving mother. She is an amazing example of an individual who will not let life defeat her or destroy her positive outlook no matter what happens.

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