CABO CAPITAL Announces $8 Million Web 3 Fund

Launched in 2008, digital assets and tokens have become an important part of the global financial market. In the development of digital technology and decentralized systems, many blockchain-related projects were formed along with a series of financial companies and investment funds, creating an increasingly strong and sustainable ecosystem.

Among the investment funds present in the digital financial market, CABO CAPITAL is an emerging force. Founded by an expert with great knowledge of the stock market and crypto, CABO CAPITAL demonstrates the ability to appraise and support potential projects in many fields. CABO CAPITAL is pleased to announce that it will launch an investment fund with a scale of up to $8 million to invest in equity and digital assets (tokens) for early-stage blockchain technology startups to make sure they can bring value to society.

CABO CAPITAL’s portfolio is always oriented with the goal of creating definite value: precise, focused investment with positive cash flow over a specific holding period to achieve real returns. In such a fast-changing world, CABO CAPITAL’s investment plan is flexible to make sure they can focus on the utility and applications a project can bring to its users.

“When becoming a partner of CABO CAPITAL, in addition to being financially invested, projects also receive important support, including professional advice and other resources. For projects in the game industry and blockchain, CABO’s partners will receive consulting support in terms of technical infrastructure technology, game design as well as experience to successfully manage a business or a blockchain-based project.” Mr. Nguyen Ha Minh Thong, founder of CABO, said

With an investment fund of up to $8 million for the cryptocurrencies, NFT games, Metaverse and Web 3.0, CABO CAPITAL has currently invested in projects that have received high praise and trust from industry experts of the community such as 9D NFT, ASPO World, Defihorse, Mytheria, and more. 

Possessing the advantages that create distinct value, CABO CAPITAL is here to create value and trust for investors as well as the projects they invest in. 

Media Contact: Nguyen Ha Minh Thong,