Carnival ship that set sail from Texas tests 27 COVID-19 positive cases

A Carnival ship that set forth from Texas had 27 COVID-19 positive people aboard Wednesday, the most elevated number of announced cases on a US ship since the cruise industry opened back up this summer.

The Carnival Vista showed up in Belize City with 26 infected crew members and one infected guest, as indicated by the Belize Tourism Board.

Officials noticed that there were in excess of 4,000 people on the ship, and 99.98 percent of the crew was vaccinated, alongside by far most of the passengers.

The infected crew members are presently in seclusion, however “most are asymptomatic or have extremely gentle indications,” Belize officials said.

Crew members are currently wearing N95 masks and employee social areas are shut. All guests will require a negative quick test to leave the ship at the following port, regardless of whether they are vaccinated, as indicated by the delivery.

“The group at Carnival noticed that all positive cases have been disengaged and contact following has finished with no extra positive cases found, and that the infected crew and traveler don’t represent a danger to guests, crew or forefront laborers in Belize.”

Carnival Vista, the primary Carnival ship to head out this year, on July 3, shown up in Cozumel, Mexico on Thursday, as indicated by news.

A company representative told the paper it had effectively revealed there were positive cases last week, however Carnival apparently just said it was “dealing with few positive cases ready.”

In the wake of the flare-up, the company gave new rules requiring all guests to wear masks in some indoor areas.

The CDC appointed Carnival Vista a “yellow” status, and said it “has explored and [the] ship stays under perception,” as indicated by its website.