China’s Mars rover has completed its 90-day mission in good condition

China’s Mars rover has finished its arranged 90-day mission completely energized and in great condition, and will keep on investigating, as per reports.

The Zhurong rover would keep on investigating Mars’ Utopia Planitia, the huge region where it put down, the country’s National Space Administration said Friday, as per the news.

The Zhurong rover landed May 14, and has been sending pictures of the Red Planet back from that point forward through China’s Tianwen-1 orbiter.

It’s voyaged 889 meters and gathered 10 gigabytes of crude information, as per the Communist Party of China’s Global Times.

China and the United States are the solitary countries to effectively put a rover on Mars.

China is additionally collecting a space station, the main module of which, Tianhe, is presently in circle around Earth, as per the news. China is barred from the International Space Station.

The country additionally as of late brought moon rocks back sensible, as indicated by news network — the principal country to do as such since the United States.