Claudia Conway announces American Idol’s next season audition

Claudia Conway declared on Sunday that she is trying out to be on the following period of “American Idol.”

The 16-year-old girl of previous President Trump guide Kellyanne Conway shared the news in a peppy video presented on TikTok from a tryout stage.

“Hello folks, I’m here at ‘American Idol’ confession booth,” Claudia says in the video, grinning broadly. “I met Ryan Seacrest today, and I have my tryout soon,” she said.

The mainstream singing rivalry show on ABC started creation for its forthcoming season in October, media has detailed.

Claudia disclosed to her 1.4 million devotees on Sunday that she was “incredibly, apprehensive, however energized.”

The left-inclining teenager has picked up distinction for slamming President Trump — even as her mom worked in the White House.

Claudia’s dad, George Conway, is a notable Trump pundit and fellow benefactor of The Lincoln Project.


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