Cody Vaujin’s “Codycoverspreads” Is on Its Way to Dominate Sports Consulting

Press Release Network, December 16, 2020: Cody Vaujin of Codycoverspreads is poised to become the bookies’ worst nightmare. He operates in an industry that’s governed by research and insights just as much as it’s governed by sheer luck, if not more. The industry tends to attract people who don’t mind taking risks, and especially people who seek risks out.

There are ways to try to beat the books. Someone with an analytical mind, who’s good at math and follows the goings-on in sports and is quite good at guessing possible outcomes, can have an exceptionally high accuracy rate. For Vaujin, the number goes up to 77%.

Makings of a Handicapping Legend

Vaujin’s accuracy rate puts him square at the top of the industry, the GOAT of sports handicapping. It’s not all Vaujin’s known for, though; his lavish style and magnetic personality defy the stereotypical image of a math geek who’s only good with numbers. Vaujin’s got the kind of swagger people only get by being banned from entry into some Las Vegas casinos for being just that good.

Vaujin, a masterful handicapper, managed to increase his initial bank role 800 times in just six months in Las Vegas. A person winning too much isn’t good for a casino’s business, so they had him barred from handicapping on sports again. It didn’t stop him from hearing a crowd chant, “Codycoverspreads,” giving him instant knowledge that he had arrived.

Turning the Industry on Its Head

So what does a person with such a specific talent do after they’ve been somewhat prohibited from doing the thing they do the best? They help others do it, of course. If Vaujin were able to become the bookies’ nightmare, there’s no reason why he wouldn’t be able to help others do the same.

As a person who sees handicapping as fuel, he is all too familiar with its potential to change people’s lives. Anyone who has even a remote understanding of sports handicapping knows that it goes both ways; people can be made and unmade by a single shot. Vaujin’s mission is to give his clients a fighting chance to achieve the former and maximize their winnings.

What they do after that is up to them, but that kind of strike of good luck might open the door to many opportunities that would otherwise be hidden. Vaujin might be turning the industry on its head, but he’s also helping a whole other group of people to get what they want.

To stay on top of the goings-on in his career, follow Vaujin on Instagram at @Codycoverspreads.

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