Consumer goods group sends letter to White House for clarity on Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine order

The $2 trillion consumer packaged goods industry has questions about President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine request.

The trade group that addresses consumer goods giants like Coca-Cola, Kellogg and General Mills sent a letter to the White House on Monday requesting “immediate clarity” on the subtleties of the request, which requires companies with at least 100 employees to mandate the vaccine or get tried week by week.

In the letter, Consumer Brands Association CEO Geoff Freeman approached the administration and important government organizations to “move quickly, expect difficulties, speedily answer questions and cooperate with the private area … [to] accomplish our common objective of expanded vaccination rates.”

“Solid, predictable collaboration between the private and public area on execution will speed up progress on our common objective,” he added.

Remembered for the letter is a clothing rundown of 19 bulleted questions, including, “What is viewed as documentation for proof of vaccination and how might booster dosages be considered into compliance?”

“How does this mandate affect areas with aggregate haggling arrangements?” peruses another inquiry, alongside, “Will waivers be permitted in case fundamental employees’ nonattendances or wearing down cause significant disruption to the CPG inventory network?”

The letter comes after the White House last week revealed its new COVID-19 Action Plan, which said the Labor Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration is chipping away at a crisis decide that will call for companies with at least 100 employees to mandate the vaccine or rollout a week by week testing routine.

Administration officials have said companies that abuse the standard could be hit with punishments of $14,000 per infringement.

In any case, in an assertion gave after the administration’s declaration last week, the Consumer Brands Association’s Freeman noticed that official government guidance during the pandemic has lingered a very long time behind declarations previously.