Cops lined a Washington, DC street to pay tribute to Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick

Cops lined a Washington, DC road on Sunday to honor Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, who was killed when crowds of allies of President Trump raged the US Capitol building a week ago.

Sicknick, 42, was pepper-showered and lethally bludgeoned on Wednesday as agitators spilled into the Capitol trying to wreck Congress’ accreditation of Joe Biden’s official election win.

On Sunday, a funeral car conveyed his remaining parts from the clinical inspector’s office to a memorial service home, accompanied by police vehicles.

An unforeseen of cops speaking to different offices lined Third Avenue, offering a serious salute as the funeral wagon moved past — the Capitol’s arch standing tall behind them.

Many regular citizens too lined the road in a demonstration of regard, cheering Sicknick and his kindred officials.

As they assembled to recall Sicknick, officials additionally grieved Officer Howard Liebengood, another individual from the Capitol Police who kicked the bucket by self destruction on Saturday.

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