Cosmopolitan Businessman Gianluigi Ventre Is Leading Others to Financial Freedom With Price Action Trading

The example of Gianluigi Ventre (founder of Price Action Trading) shows how the right mindset can make an entrepreneur successful regardless of their personal circumstances. Using the experiences and lessons he has earned from all over the world, Gianluigi now hopes to enable other aspiring individuals and help them achieve financial freedom.

A Cosmopolitan Businessman

Gianluigi has learned to find success and profit wherever he may be at the present moment. Since his first business venture in the form of a Texas Hold ’Em algorithm earned him $200,000 when he was just 19 years old, Gianluigi has started various ventures and played different roles in multiple companies worldwide. His experiences range from being a sales agent, a PR manager, a tanning chemist, a fund manager, and even a boxer, and he has worked in and visited a number of countries, including his home country of Italy as well as Switzerland, England, Spain, Australia, and Thailand. At just 30 years old, Gianluigi’s life is one that is truly well-traveled and well-lived.

On top of his professional endeavors and personal retreats in each of these locations, Gianluigi also finds the time to start different business ventures as the opportunity arises and learn about different forms of businesses and various financial markets. Today, Gianluigi manages accounts for a variety of companies while trading and investing in stocks, foreign exchange, and real estate through his own personal portfolio.

Financial Leadership

Gianluigi now focuses much of his time on helping others achieve financial freedom through the different aspects of success he has learned through his years of experience. He invests in others’ personal growth through lessons in online sales, entrepreneurship, personal income, general money management, and lessons in trading and investing in different financial markets. Gianluigi offers these lessons to his clients in the form of his own personal academy and various products and services.

Aside from his solid foundations of knowledge and experience, Gianluigi further distinguishes his services through a unique approach focused on integrity and transparency. He offers free samples of his services to aspiring clients while also ensuring that his products are continually updated in a timely manner. Through this approach, Gianluigi has seldom needed to actively market or advertise his products, with online word-of-mouth easily spreading the value of his services.

You can find out more about Gianluigi Ventre and his services through his Instagram at @gianluigi_ventre.