COVID-19 outbreak infects entire member of a southwest Illinois police department

A COVID-19 episode has infected each individual from a southwest Illinois police department, the town’s mayor said.

Each of the three cops and the chief of police in Venice, a town of 2,100 external St. Louis, have gotten the bug, constraining the department to close down as they complete mandatory 10-day quarantines, Mayor Tyrone Echols told the media Thursday.

“I believe it’s everyone with the exception of conceivably two dispatchers,” Echols said of the department’s affected employees, including Police Chief Theo Adams.

“He sounded pretty unpleasant,” Echols said of the town’s top cop.

Venice will be watched by Illinois State Police and other law enforcement offices all through Madison County until its officials return to obligation.

“I need everybody to realize we are covered,” Echols told the paper, adding that the department had somewhere around eight cops at a certain point, however they “go back and forth” looking for better compensation, leaving the agency short-staffed in the midst of the continuous pandemic.

The officials and Adams began becoming ill toward the end of last week, the report.

“It’s out there,” Echols said of the virus in the little local area. “It’s a disgrace there are people talking against masks and the vaccine.”

Another close by law enforcement agency, St. Louis County police, is likewise managing a virus flare-up inside its positions. Department authorities said Thursday that 15 employees in two regions had tried positive for COVID-19 since Aug. 2.

Echols, in the mean time, has given a chief request commanding that all city employees be inoculated, just as masks for any City Hall guests.

“This pandemic isn’t anything to play with,” Echols told the News network.

Echols said Wednesday that the analyzed officials were about seven days from getting back to obligation, report.

“We ponder an additional eight days before these folks can fall off isolate and obviously, I’ve been somewhat lethargic getting data in light of the fact that my chief even has COVID-19 and he’s sounding horrendous,” Echols told the station.

None of the officials were genuinely sick, report.