COVID-19 surge in India slows slightly, positive cases dropped to 19.8 percent from 21.9

The COVID-19 flood in India eased back somewhat on Saturday with the littlest every day expansion in contaminations in almost three weeks.

On Saturday, India detailed 326,098 new affirmed cases and 3,890 deaths in the previous 24 hours, albeit the numbers are accepted to be an undercount, media revealed.

The general pace of positive cases had dropped to 19.8 percent this week from 21.9 percent a week ago.

The virus was all the while spreading rapidly in provincial zones and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday cautioned people to avoid potential risk.

Urgent to avoid the virus, a few Indians have started utilizing counterfeit fixes, for example, lemon juice in their eyes and a glue of cow excrement and pee on their bodies.