Criticism that Kamala Harris wiped her hands after shaking hands with Soko President

VP Kamala Harris is taking warmth after a video arose seeming to show her wipe her hand on her jacket in the wake of hello South Korean President Moon Jae-in at the White House last Friday.

Harris chatted with the South Korean pioneer about the union between the two countries, the perils presented by North Korea and the “underlying drivers” of immigration in a matter of seconds before he met with President Biden.

Following their joint public interview, the two shook hands, and she can be seen wiping her hand on her jacket after she pulls her hand away.

Netizens observed, calling the move “disrespectful” and “humiliating.”

“This is the USA VP? Discourteous, yet it would be ‘bigot’ if this was a Republican, everywhere on the news without a doubt… Double principles on full presentation,” posted Twitter client GoddoG_668.

Another prominent: ​”​Kamala Harris affronts the South Korean President Moon Jae-in by wiping her hand off subsequent to shaking his hand.”

D​ Gibson on Twitter said if previous President Donald Trump had wiped his hand in the wake of hello a world chief, the story would have topped news shows.​​

“​Let’s make one thing straight. This is certifiably not a secondary school work where nobody is watching the students. In the event that #45 had done this, Sweet Lord Have Mercy… it would have been the lead story on each liberal media station for a month, if not longer​,” the posting said.

“@VP​ ​Kamala Harris does a hand wipe subsequent to warmly greeting SK President Moon!​,” said client @F_O_R_D_NATION.​ “​Wow! That is so embarrassing!​”​

Be that as it may, Harris had her protectors, as well.

“That is off by a long shot to the signal individuals perform while wiping their hands on their attire. That is only an ordinary lady’s hesitant smoothing of her outfit,” posted Missy Su.

“Perhaps his hand was sweat-soaked?” said Karen Shell. “As somebody who has hyperhidrosis I’ve become acclimated to individuals wiping their hands. I don’t fault them and don’t think that its hostile, just embarrassing.”​