Desay Battery Showcases Cutting-Edge Energy Solutions at Smarter E Europe 2024 in Germany

Desay Battery Showcases Cutting-Edge Energy Solutions at Smarter E Europe 2024 in Germany |

Desay Battery, a leading global provider of comprehensive energy storage solutions, proudly presents its latest innovations at the Smarter E Europe 2024 in Munich. The company showcases various products and solutions, including its proprietary energy storage cells, commercial and industrial storage solutions, residential energy storage systems, and Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Data Center Products, alongside its clean energy solutions. This exhibition highlights Desay Battery’s commitment to technological research and development, innovation, and the exploration of the endless possibilities within the energy storage sector.

The exhibition features several high-quality and reliable products, including Desay Battery’s newly launched 314Ah Li-ion battery, which greatly improves the economic efficiency and lifespan of energy storage systems that incorporate it. In addition, Desay Battery also exhibits the 100Ah Li-ion battery and 280Ah Li-ion battery. These products have passed multiple international and rigorous certification tests, such as GB/T36276, UL1973, IEC62619, UN38.3, RoHS, and UL9540A. They have also been utilized in various projects, demonstrating their quality and reliability.

Desay Battery also spotlights two key products in its sodium-ion battery lineup: the 68Ah Sodium-ion batteries and 200Ah Sodium-ion batteries. These batteries offer a high energy density advantage, making them more suitable for challenging environments such as high altitudes, low temperatures, and frequency regulation storage applications than their lithium counterparts.

During the event, the company also showcases its commercial and industrial energy storage cabinets, including the 215kWh and 344kWh C&l Outdoor Cabinets, as well as the plug-in grid energy storage cabinet. Each is equipped with an intelligent energy management system for real-time battery status monitoring, ensuring efficient and reliable energy storage solutions for businesses.

Another highlight of Desay Battery’s presentation is the 5MWh Utility ESS, which boasts high integration, efficiency, and safety. The overall energy density has been increased by over 45%, with operational efficiency improved by 18%. The innovative AB box design reduces the required footprint by 43% while maintaining the design of a standard 20-foot shipping container to meet global maritime shipping standards.

At the Smarter E Europe 2024, Desay Battery not only showcases its technical research and development capabilities and technological innovation but also demonstrates the vast potential for Desay Battery’s products in energy storage applications, reinforcing its commitment to providing sustainable and efficient energy solutions for a cleaner future.

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About Desay

Desay Battery’s business layout is mainly focused on the new energy lithium battery industry chain. The company’s subsidiary, Huizhou Desay Battery Co., Ltd., and its subsidiaries are mainly specialized in small and medium-sized lithium batteries, integration of energy storage systems, and smart assembly. Hunan Desay Battery Co., Ltd. primarily specializes in energy storage cells and relevant peripheral businesses. The company has long been dedicated to the field of battery management systems,battery packaging and integration businesses in the lithium battery industry. With over 20 years of experience in cooperation with leading international clients, Desay continues to provide comprehensive lithium battery solutions for domestic and international customers. The LFP battery produced by the company can be comprehensively applied to many different fields,such as household energy storage, station energy, data center UPS, large-scale industrial and commercial energy storage, etc. Desay could also provide customized products and services and a total integrated solution for energy storage based on a customer-oriented principle. The company owns industry-leading capabilities, such as the development and design of lithium battery PACK, system integration, and smart manufacturing technology for high-end systems. The company can provide one-stop services such as BMS/EMS design, integration, and testing. The company has established a modern automated production factory and a high-standard battery performance test lab. It also has several manufacturing bases, both domestically and abroad.

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