Despite allegations of torture Vatican reports that Pope John Paul II has decided to promote Theodore McCarthy

The late Pope John Paul II knew that then-Archbishop Theodore McCarrick laid down with youngsters, yet he chose to elevate him to diocese supervisor of Washington at any rate, as per a touchy report.

The Vatican delivered the discoveries Tuesday from the two-year examination concerning unfortunate behavior by McCarrick, a previous cardinal who was defrocked a year ago after an examination concerning sexual maltreatment claims.

In the 400-page report, the Vatican found that McCarrick had the option to ascend to high-positioning church positions as religious administrators, cardinals and popes all minimized or excused reports that he laid down with seminarians.

Before Pope John Paul II named McCarrick as diocese supervisor of Washington, DC, in 2000, he entrusted the Vatican envoy to the US with researching the claims of sexual wrongdoing.

He was informed that McCarrick had relations with seminarians however the request didn’t discover “sureness” that he had occupied with sexual unfortunate behavior.

The report asserted that John Paul II eventually trusted McCarrick’s manually written refusal in which he said he had never had sexual relations with any individual.

“This mistaken data shows up liable to have affected the finishes of John Paul II’s consultants and, thusly, of John Paul II himself,” the report said.

The report, in any case, to a great extent pardons Pope Francis in the embarrassment — noticing that it was Pope Benedict XVI who chose not to examine or endorse him genuinely.

“Pope Francis had heard just that there had been claims and bits of gossip identified with corrupt lead with grown-ups happening before McCarrick’s arrangement to Washington,” the report said.

“Accepting that the charges had just been investigated and dismissed by Pope John Paul II, and very much aware that McCarrick was dynamic during the papacy of Benedict XVI, Pope Francis didn’t see the need to change the methodology that had been embraced.”

Yet, when the primary claim of sexual maltreatment of a minor surfaced in 2018, Francis’ reaction was “prompt” and he excused the previous cardinal from the ministry, as indicated by the report.


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