Disney World will allow customers to temporarily take off their masks while posing for outdoor photos from Thursday

In the not so distant future, guests to the Magic Kingdom will actually want to go maskless — for photos, in any event.

Disney World said Tuesday that customers will be permitted to incidentally remove their masks while posturing for open air photos starting Thursday.

Disney World didn’t remark further on what incited the refreshed guidelines, which currently say that “face covers should be worn consistently aside from when feasting or swimming,” or taking photos outside.

The Orlando, Fla.- based theme park, which returned in July, has strictly enforced cover wearing and social separating during the pandemic. Notwithstanding, there have been situations where visitors have had the option to skirt the standards.

In December, Disney World got called out for doctoring photos of maskless visitors on rides by superimposing facewear onto guests, which park-attendees are needed to wear, in accordance with hostile to COVID mandates.

“We are done doing this and keep on anticipating that guests should wear face covers aside from when effectively eating or drinking while stationary,” a Disney World rep said at that point, adding that the organization is “playing it safe they can to guarantee they stay open.”