“DOKODEMO Door Christmas” Free Event

Experience Christmas Around the World from December 1, 2023 to December 26, 2023

MATRIX Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Junichi Goishi, hereinafter referred to as “MATRIX”) of the Metareal Group announced the company’s “DOKODEMO Door Christmas,” a free event running from December 1, 2023 until December 26, 2023. Users can experience Christmas around the globe from DOKODEMO Door’s WorldRambler collection, which features VR travel destinations to more than 1,000 locations in more than 100 countries.

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[DOKODEMO Door Christmas Free Event]

Experience Christmas around the world during the free DOKODEMO Door Christmas event while visiting 10 enchanting Christmas Worlds on DOKODEMO Door ( https://dokodemodoors.com/en/ ).

These World’s include:
Exciting Christmas at Santa Claus Village

Try it free here: https://dokodemodoors.com/en/selfhost/tour/1465

The magical Santa Claus Village is located in Rovaniemi, a city in the northern part of Finland. Meet Santa’s reindeer, Santa Claus himself, and enjoy the fantastic snowy scenery and Christmas spirit while riding in Santa’s sleigh.

Experience Ljubljana’s Christmas Lights

Try it for free here: https://dokodemodoors.com/en/selfhost/tour/2137

Experience the festive Christmas season in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Enjoy Christmas while strolling through the city, which is decorated with fantastic decorations and lights.

Christmas Concert at the hidden gem of Florence the Church of Ognissanti

Try it for free here: https://dokodemodoors.com/en/selfhost/tour/2375

The Church of Ognissanti, is a small church in Florence, Italy. It is a sacred place where famous artists such as Sandro Botticelli, the famous painter known for “The Birth of Venus” and “Spring,” are buried, but it is also a secret spot that is rarely introduced in guidebooks. You can also enjoy the music of the solemn Christmas mass in the beautiful church.

Christmas & Happy New Year in Poland

Try it for free here: https://dokodemodoors.com/en/selfhost/tour/3713

Two of the most important events in Poland are Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Enjoy these two events at the same time, experiencing Poland’s unique Christmas and traditional events. Includes drone footage of New Year’s Eve fireworks!

The Worlds of the free DOKODEMO Door Christmas event can be found on the top page at https://dokodemodoors.com/en/

[Free period]

The free event runs until December 26, 2023 (Tuesday).

[About WorldRambler]

Reality Metaverse space sharing platform DOKODEMO Door offers the WorldRambler subscription option, which allows you to enjoy VR tours of more than 1,000 locations in 100 countries around the world.

Invite family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, etc., to join you in private VR travel in the Metaverse.

Two types of subscriptions are available:

“VR High Quality Course” 3,000 yen per month (tax included)

Purchase here: https://dokodemodoors.com/travel/selfhost/prices/step1/vr

“Smartphone/PC Course” 980 yen per month (tax included)

Purchase here: https://dokodemodoors.com/travel/selfhost/prices/step1/mobile

[About Worlds]

A DOKODEMO Door World is a virtual space where you can look up, down, left and right, and experience the World as if you were actually there. Participants can gather together and talk with each other while enjoying travel, live performances, watching sports, etc., in a realistic 360-degree space.

[About DOKODEMO Door]

DOKODEMO Door is a reality “Metaverse space sharing platform” where users and creators (“Metaversers”) can come together to meet new people, gather with friends and family, share experiences, learn new skills and enjoy Metaverse spaces together.

By using the free library of VR content or uploading original 360-degree videos, anyone can easily create a Metaverse space for free and host worlds and Events.

By visiting Worlds, you can enjoy time with friends and family in a private Metaverse space. When taking part in Events, enjoy visiting real-world Metaverse spaces with people from all over the world.

The DOKODEMO Door platform features real-time AI translation, where conversations between users are instantly translated and displayed in their own language, facilitating seamless communication between participants.

About MATRIX Inc.

Established in September 2020 as a subsidiary of MetaReal Corp. (formerly Rozetta). Developed reality Metaverse platform “DOKODEMO Door” with the corporate vision of “Eliminating disparities and discrimination in the old reality, such as borders, language barriers, physical differences, knowledge gaps, and all other handicaps.” The company operates the reality Metaverse platform “DOKODEMO Door.”https://dokodemodoors.com/en/

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