Dr. Mark X. Lowney’s StudioEros Advances Age-Management Medicine With Regenerative Services

This Fall River, MA medical clinic, is making strides in helping people retain quality of life as they age.

Aging might be inevitable, but it doesn’t have to present a sharp decline in quality of life if Dr. Mark X. Lowney and his staff at StudioEros have anything to say about it. Together, they are using their more than 50 years of medical experience to take on some of the aging-related issues that people are having the hardest time talking about, let alone dealing with.

Helping the Whole Body

StudioEros and its team believe in an integrated approach to treatment that doesn’t come down to cosmetic surgery to help people look better. As Dr. Lowney says, “you can have all the cosmetic surgery in the world, but if you’re making poor choices with diet, and not exercising, and smoking, then you’re really not doing yourself a service.”

His answer to the problem is to approach sexual wellness, the area of StudioEros’s focus, from different perspectives. It’s not just sexual wellness, as Dr. Lowney says, “It’s also brain health, cardiovascular health, keeping your muscles strong, keeping your bones from getting brittle.”

These factors affect people’s wellbeing well beyond their sexual functioning, which is why it’s so important that people are aware of how much weight their choices carry. For his part, Dr. Lowney doesn’t mince words when it comes to educating his patients about how important it is to take care of their bodies.

Dealing With the Toll That Time Takes

But bad choices or not, people will experience a decline as they get older. “You’re never as healthy as the day you turn 21,” Dr. Lowney says. “As soon as we hit somewhere between 35 and 40, we don’t perform as well as we used to.”

It’s when that happens that Dr. Lowney’s expertise comes in to save the day. He and his team focus on restoring function by offering specific treatments that are typically as natural as it gets.

For example, they will perform hormone optimization therapy for patients whose hormone levels cause health issues and poor functioning. StudioEros also performs several treatments for women and men that aim to improve blood flow. They will soon include stem cells in their offering, doing everything they can to help people retain their quality of life for as long as they can.

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