EFFORCE Summit Kicks Off With Steve Wozniak and Ken Hardesty Welcoming Global KOLs Dedicated to the Future of Energy

EFFORCE, the first blockchain-based energy-saving platform, launched its inaugural online event, EFFORCE Summit, on November 6. Sumit featured opening talks by core founders Steve Wozniak and Ken Hardesty and brought together leading key opinion leaders around the world from industries like the traditional energy sector, cryptocurrencies, and technology to discuss the long-term implications of blockchain technology in the energy space. 

At the core of EFFORCE’s mission is the belief that improving the energy efficiency of industries and the way people consume energy in their everyday lives is the most effective way to tackle the disastrous consequences of human activity on our environment. This vision is shared by EFFORCE’s core developer and founding partner, Aither Group, a leading energy player with over $350 million in annual turnover. 

Tactically, EFFORCE will deliver on this mission by utilizing its ecosystem and the WOZX token that allows retail contributors to directly finance global projects aimed at improving energy efficiency by upgrading their infrastructure with newer technology. In doing so, the contributors to the various projects listed on EFFORCE will be rewarded with the MegaWOZ (MWOZ) credits. MegaWOZ credits are created when a Megawatt-hour of energy is saved because of the project’s intervention.

“We created EFFORCE to be the first decentralized platform that allows everyone to participate and benefit financially from worldwide energy efficiency projects, and create meaningful environmental change,” Wozniak said in a statement.

At the moment, carbon offsetting is solely in the domain of large institutions, however EFFORCE democratizes the ability for anyone to support and be rewarded for energy efficiency improvements. It is important to note that this is on a global scale, with complete inclusion to people around the world, regardless of their means. In doing so, incentives are aligned across all stakeholders that share a common goal of improving the world we live in. 

Currently, EFFORCE’s native token, WOZX, is trading on Huobi and other leading cryptocurrency exchanges. To learn more about the project, visit EFFORCE’s official website


Co Founded by Steve Wozniak, EFFORCE is the first Blockchain platform that allows everyone to participate and benefit from worldwide energy efficiency projects. By commoditizing energy savings EFFORCE has created a new tradable asset class that facilitates the scaling of energy efficiency investments and accelerates the transition to a sustainable future. With a 250 Billion market, the Efficiency sector has twice the potential of renewable energy investments while still in its inception phase therefore allowing for infinite opportunities.


Website: https://efforce.io/

Event Site: https://efforcesummit.com/

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