Elon Musk working on tricking out the forthcoming Tesla Roadster with rocket technology so it can hover above the ground

Elon Musk wants Tesla’s new games car to make 007 pleased.

The billionaire electric-car investor said he’s chipping away at deceiving out the approaching Tesla Roadster with rocket innovation so it can float over the ground.

“I’m attempting to sort out some way to cause this thing to float without, you know, killing individuals,” Musk said on a scene of Joe Rogan’s webcast delivered Thursday.

“I thought like perhaps we could cause it to float at the same time, as, not very high, so like possibly it can drift like a meter over the ground or something to that effect,” he added. “In the event that you dive, you victory the suspension yet you’re not going to bite the dust.”

Tesla has been chipping away at a refreshed rendition of the Roadster — the company’s first mass-market electric car — for quite a long while.

The Silicon Valley company hopes to wrap up designing the model this year and desires to begin transporting it in 2022, as indicated by Musk.

The Roadster would have the option to travel through the air while gliding over the ground if Musk’s floating tests are fruitful, he said. He guaranteed Tesla will offer a “SpaceX choice bundle,” evidently named for Musk’s rocket company, that will outfit the car with a profoundly compressed fuel vessel and “a lot of engines.”

In the event that the floating doesn’t work out, the Roadster could in any case have back engines that would make it “move out of nowhere” out and about, Musk said.

“At least I’m certain we could do an engine where the tag flips down, you know, James Bond-style, and afterward the rocket engine behind it, and that gives you three tons of push,” he said.

Tesla initially disclosed the new Roadster in 2017. The next year, SpaceX dispatched Musk’s personal Roadster into space. The car passed Mars unexpectedly the previous fall.