Eric Adams will sworn in as the 110th Mayor of the Big Apple after Times Square ball drop

Out with old mayor, in with the upgraded one.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams will ring the New Year at the Times Square ball drop at 12 PM Friday–then be sworn in as the 110th Mayor of the Big Apple.

Adams will quickly take over from his stand-in archetype Bill de Blasio whose last obligations as mayor will introduce 2022 at the notable New Years Eve celebration.

Adams plans to make the oath of office using a family Bible.

“Times Square has for some time been inseparable from the New Year—a place of excitement, renewal, and hope for the future,” the mayor-elect said in a statement.

“These are the very topics that enlivened my mission and will illuminate my mayoralty, as I get ready to lead the city out of this challenging period,” Adams said.

The incoming mayor as of late packed away an inauguration ceremony planned Jan. 1 at Kings Theater in Brooklyn because of rising Covid cases.

The COVID-19 surge additionally provoked de Blasio to cover the group size and require covers for revelers celebrating the New Year at the Crossroads of the World.